About Us

Retail is about more than just goods procurement. It is about community. Its about service. It is about connecting us with the things we need, when we need them most.

We are defenders and champions of Retail and we seek to level the playing field between brick and mortar and ecommerce.

Our tools are successful technologies developed to improve Retail efficiency, increase impulse revenue and eliminate friction from the shopping experience.

Any yes, we have our own cryptocurrency mining operation.

Our Team

Keith Carpentier

Founder & CEO

Helping retailers generate efficiencies and revenue for over 20 years.

Shaun Neal


Former Director Global Technology,
Merrill Lynch

Tucker McLane


Former Director Interactive Display,

Joseph Floccari


Emmy award winner & VP of Media,

Dina Meindl

VP Sales

RDI advisory board member.

Joseph G. Leung


Advisory Board & CNBC contributor