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Call Forwarding Systems

Long customer lines and delays at checkout consistently rank as the most frequent customer complaints, but it is not always possible to hire more staff to help process customers.

By implementing call forwarding technologies, businesses can lower operational costs, while improving the customer experience.

Qbuster Call Forwarding system was designed to be the premier solution to speed customer throughput, provide operational efficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction.

Millions of customers a week experience a Qbuster call forwarding system at some of the biggest names in America, such as T.J.Maxx, HomeGoods, ACMoore, and Marshalls.

Technical Information


  • Operating System – Qbuster runs on Linux.
  • Installation – Simply connects to display monitor and wireless transmitter.
  • Resolution – Supports image quality up to HD 1080p.
  • Audio – Audio output directly from 3.5mm audio port or HDMI cable.
  • PDU Button Interaction – When the PDU button is pressed, the position number will flash on the CDU for 4 seconds (standard). Flash duration can be customized to any duration desired.
  • Screen Modes – Supports 4 different screen layouts including live TV.
  • Power – Qbuster controller requires on “clean power” 110v outlet.


Position Display

  • Static/Dynamic Unit Color – Qbuster supports up to 99 cashier positions. Stock PDU colors are provided, custom static/dynamic colors are developed on request.
  • PDU Button Interaction – 9 second blink (standard). Flash duration can be customized to any duration desired.
  • Placement – 48” from counter to top of PDU.
  • Versatility – PDU numbers can be changed, no tech required.
  • Ease of Use – PDU can be turned on and off by the Associate. Instructions are printed on the Call Forward Button.
  • Energy Use – All PDUs have energy saving capabilities and power off after 5 hours of inactivity.
  • RF Frequency – System communicates wirelessly on 933Mhz.



  • Content Management – Qbuster system is stand-alone with the option of being connected to corp. network.
  • Content management updates – Offline updates are managed by 1-step USB update (standard). On-network updates are managed over corporate network (optional).
  • Supported File Formats – Qbuster can display all standard media file formats – .mov, .avi, .mp4.


Touch Buttons

  • Button Mechanism – Qbuster buttons are non-mechanical, touch sensitive.
  • Power – Buttons require one “clean power” 110v outlet within 48” of button placement.
  • Activation – Touch buttons can turn off a specific location by holding for 3 seconds.
  • User Indicator – Touch buttons have a user indicator light to show when position is active.


Products In Action

Qbuster Advantage

Qbuster Competition
  • Linux based (highly reliable)
  • Network compliant
  • Remote content management available
  • Windows or RasPi based (much less reliable)
  • Not Network compliant
  • Remote content management NOT available
  • Mains powered (simply plug in)
  • Easy to reprogram on site (no tech needed)
  • User instructions (printed on button)
  • Battery (needs replacement every 9 months)
  • Complicated to reprogram on site (tech needed)
  • No instructions on button
Position Displays (PDU)
  • Supports up to 99 poisitions
  • Preprogrammed with 6 different blinking colors
  • iPad Mini size for clear visibility
  • High visibility LED for brightness
  • Limited to 24 positions
  • No blinking color options
  • Smaller size
  • Dimmer, less visible
  • Simple Plug-and-play install
  • Component Labels printed directly on system
  • Complicated installation
  • No labelling provided
Video Display
  • Can show Live TV
  • Can have 3 different screen layouts
  • Cannot display Live TV
  • Only 1 screen layout
  • Industry Best Design
  • Industry Best Reliability
  • Industry Best Warranty
  • Plug & Play System
    Fully pre-programmed and ready to use out of the box
  • Supports Up to 99 Checkouts
  • Wireless Position Displays
    Allow quick, low cost install
  • Dynamic RGB Displays
    Can display almost any color
  • Video File Management
    Reporting and system diagnostics online
Features and Benefits Qbuster
Best selling Call Forward software
1 Year Warranty Included
1 Year Help Desk Included
5 Different position light color options
100-foot System Range
Power Save Setting
3 Language Options (English, Spanish, French)
Plug & Play out of the box
Plays uninterrupted video    
Requires video file (provided by client)    
Video files can be changed via USB or online    
Provides 3-section screen    
Supports any video file format – MP4, MOV, VOB, MPG    
Network Secure    
Requires a live cable feed      
(Optional) Feature:Professional installation available        
(Optional) Feature:Extended warranty
(Optional) Feature:Customer insight data