Waiting in line | digitally. safely. comfortably.

  • Covid19 response requires social distancing.
  • Capacity controls will likely remain in effect for a long time.
  • Cold temperatures, rain, snow, sleet, darkness will all put customers at risk or at the very least diminish their positive experience.

“Retailers, banks, and other businesses have a responsibility to keep customers safe – inside & out.”

Enterprise Grade Text-To-Queue Technology

Developed for large, complex organizations that require enterprise grade security and operational efficiency to manage waiting customer queues.

  • Clean use: Doesn’t require a third party app to be downloaded, maintained or supported.
  • Manages both physical AND virtual lines in one platform.
  • Uses secure cryptographic data systems.
  • Includes a robust dashboard and data analytics.
  • Language capabilities: English, French and Spanish.


  • Within 24 Hours of implementation, Qsafely established itself as a reliable, user-friendly solution.
  • 20+ million customers counted via Qsafely within 1 month of use.
  • Clients are able to add-on a customer survey which provides valuable, actionable shopper feedback.

Want proof of how effective this solution is?

How does it work?

Guest Sign In

Guest Boarding Pass

Guest Sign In

Guest Boarding Pass

  • Enter phone number + text or scan a QR code to digitally enter line. Receive a mobile boarding pass with line position updates, wait times.
  • Wait in vehicle, receive a mobile boarding pass with line position updates, wait times.
  • Receive update on approved time to enter the store / facility.